Specialty Cake Information

cakeservings[1]Pricing for tiered cakes is dependent on the number of servings. I generally use $2 as the base price per serving. Use the image on the right to determine the right size cake and then get a general idea of the price. The serving size is 1″x2″x4″. Here’s a link to a cutting guide to get the number of servings shown: Wilton Cutting Guide


  • Small 3-tier cake (6-8-10″ Round)
  • Serves 74
  • Base price: $148

Having your tiers filled adds $0.25 per serving.

There are instances when the design of the cake may exceed this base price (i.e. when there are accessories I need to purchase, if there are dozens of flowers, or multiple bows to be made). These are determined on a individual basis.

Please keep in mind that if you want to serve 500 people, that doesn’t mean the cake will cost $1,000. Even the largest cake (a 5 tier square) only serves 270, so you would most likely supplement your main tiered cake with sheet cakes or cupcakes. The base price for a sheet cake is $58 and serves 60, and a cupcake base price is $0.75.

If you’d like to save your top tier for your first anniversary, please remember to not include that tier’s serving count in your final serving count.


Flavors: Chocolate or White

Fillings: Raspberry, Lemon, Bavarian Creme or Chocolate

Icing: Buttercream or Fondant

Each tier or supplemental cake can have a different flavor/filling combination.


Design/Tasting Appointment: I generally like to have made all the design decisions a month before the event, this gives me time to purchase any items I need to, along with the time to make any decorations I need ahead of time.

If you are providing any of the accessories for the cake (a topper, ribbon, etc.), please drop them off at the bakery a week before the event.

I will provide up to 3 white and 3 chocolate cupcakes for a tasting. Each can be filled differently or can be the same if you have a few people helping you with your decision.


Booking Deposit: A $50 deposit is due when you choose to have me make your cake. This deposit is deducted from your final balance. I book no more than 2 weddings for the same day and sometimes only one.

Please make all payments for specialty cakes payable to  “Pedretti’s Bakery”.


Delivery & Setup: $0.60 per mile round trip from Elkader, IA (i.e. if your reception is held in Decorah, IA, that is approximately 60 miles from Elkader, would be a $72 delivery charge). Delivery in Elkader is free.

Delivery is only available on specialty cake orders over $100.


Equipment Deposit: A minimum of a $50 deposit (to cover the costs of the equipment used in the setup of the cake) will be included in the final balance. When these items are returned to the Bakery, the $50 deposit will be returned to the person who paid the balance of the cake.


Final Balance: The final balance for your cake is due 1 month before your event.

Example Final Balance:

  • 6-8-10″ Round Cakes: $148
  • Delivery to Decorah, IA: $72
  • 3 Full Sheet Cakes: $174
  • Equipment Deposit: $50
  • Booking Deposit pd: -$50
  • Balance: $394
  • Total servings: 254 (roughly $1.55 per serving)

Please make all payments for specialty cakes payable to “Pedretti’s Bakery”.